The new shoots of technology

by | 2nd January 2016

To think that we have learnt more about our trees in the last 100 years than we have in the last 1000 is a clear sign that we are well and truly entrenched in a new era of innovative thinking. Only recently, it was discovered that the first stages of cloud formation in the sky is initiated by the biogenic molecules released by plants and trees and attracting the water vapour in the air. Just when we thought it wasn’t possible, trees and plants have become even more important to our eco-system that we previously imagined. None of these discoveries would have been possible without the rapid advancement of new technology.

Technology is changing the way arboriculturists and ecologists work, we are able to better assess not only the impact trees and plants have on us, but the impact we have on them and their environment. Many new building developments would not have happened if it were not for new construction technologies available to us.

Here at DAA, the use of Cloud technology, advanced design software, and communication tools has enabled to us to be flexible, reactive and more accurate in our assessments than ever. Digital surveying techniques using laser range finders and scanners enable us to quickly and effectively map a client’s site and record all the tree information in an industry standard format that the other project team members can use. By using industry standard drawing software we are able to integrate out information into the design process that then is used for any formal planning application.

However, even more importantly, fresh technology has improved the experience our clients have with us. Using Cloud technology means site plans and documents can be updated and shared between the team almost instantly, allowing us to provide clients with incredibly accurate information quicker than ever. We use Microsoft 365 throughout the business to enable instantly synchronised information to be easily accessed by the relevant person. Skype for business has allowed us to have group conference calls with all our staff, regardless of their location, making our decision making process more efficient. We can also offer clients full presentations on screen via Skype which are an excellent way of quickly and easily sharing proposed planning layouts. All of these uses of technology means our clients get a quicker, a more efficient and more accurate service.

Trees, plants and their environments have been evolving and changing for as long as the Earth is old, but as we continue to progress through a digital and technological revolution it has never been a more exciting time for arboriculturists and ecologists.