Blue tit chick


All wild birds, their eggs and active nests are legally protected. ‘Active’ nesting is defined as any moment from the start of nest construction to the point at which the chicks have fledged and/or the nest is no longer in use. The majority of birds tend to nest between March and August (inclusive), although some do nest at other times, or indeed all year round.

If you are carrying works out at a location and time of year when birds may be nesting, depending on the habitat, we may be able to carry out a nesting bird check for you to ascertain if active nests are present, and if so, can advise you as to a suitable buffer zone to leave around the nest, and other mitigation measures as required, until the nest is no longer in use.

In addition to the above legal protection, it is a further offence to disturb nesting birds if they are listed on ‘Schedule 1’ of the Wildlife and Countryside Act (1981), such as barn owls.

Detailed breeding and wintering bird surveys may be required in some cases in order to ascertain the wider importance of the site for particularly important bird species, high numbers of birds, or important bird assemblages.

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