Planning Applications and Site Surveys

What is it?

Under the current "1 app" planning regulations there is a requirement to identify the presence of trees on or adjacent to any proposed development site. Failure to submit an arboricultural assessment with the planning application will usually result in the Local Planning Authority (LPA)  refusing to register the application.

As is required by the majority of LPA’s, surveys and assessments will comply with BS5837 (2012) Trees in relation to design, demolition and construction - Recommendations.

How can it help?

The results from the survey will inform clients and architects in the design process for the proposed developement, ensuring a smooth passage through planning.

With our help, the surrounding treescape will be protected and retained, thereby enhancing the final value of the completed project.

What we will do

We can provide a full tree survey and assessment service for any prospective planning application. This will identify any development constraints imposed by the trees and will give you practical solutions to overcome them. Using the latest data capture technology and industry-standard drawing programs we are able to effectively communicate with all associated professionals involved within the development team.

Even if a planning application is successful the consent usually has planning conditions attached to it. We will assist in discharging these tree related conditions within a realistic timescale permitting an early start to construction.