Pre-Purchase Surveys

What is it?

A pre-purchase is a cost-effective survey for prospective purchasers of land sites to quickly identify any tree-related issues which could prejudice future enjoyment or development of a site. This is typcially most used by property developers but can also benefit private land owners looking to extend or re-develop their properties.

The survey could take the form of either an abbreviated version of a BS5837 (2012) (Trees in relation to design, demolition and construction - Recommendations) survey or a preliminary tree hazard survey to identify any future liabilities. Either one can be carried out quickly and the findings given within a short timescale.

How can it help?

This will save time and money in the long term by forseeing potential problems with the local authority planners and will in turn increase the probability of gaining successful planning consents.

The survey can also help other associated professionals such as highway engineers and ecologists, in identifying those areas where trees may impact on their assessments and proposals.

What we will do

Our professional surveyors can visit the site in the very early stages of the developments/purchase process to quickly asses potential problems before any major work is commited.

Immediately following the survey a verbal assessment will be given, followed within 2 to 3 days by a short written report.