Tree Hazard Assessments & Surveys

We can provide effective and proven strategies to:

  • Reduce the risks posed by trees to people, property and infrastructure;
  • Reduce the potential liability associated with tree failure;
  • Reduce the costs of long term tree maintenance and risk mitigation;
  • Maintain older trees as an important habitat resource and promote biological diversity;
  • Provide unbiased and defensible support for tree removal/retention decisions.

Recent High Court judgments have emphasized the importance of tree owners to act responsibly by carrying out regular tree inspections and ensuring any findings are kept on record. 

What we will do

We have extensive experience in carrying out tree hazard surveys for local authorities, government bodies, large landowners and even private individuals with just one tree.

We use a number of assessment methodologies to quantify the risk associated with urban trees. These will include the latest in decay detection technology to give an in depth assessment of any potential liabilities.