Demonstrating Nutrient Neutrality for Planning Applications near Stodmarsh, East Kent

by | 9th October 2020

If your planning application around Canterbury or Ashford has been impacted by the recently announced need to demonstrate nitrogen neutrality in relation to the Stodmarsh SPA, get in touch as we may be able to help, having dealt with this issue previously in the Solent area. Our Senior Ecologist Graeme Down explains more.

“For some time, applications for new residential development in the Solent area have been navigating through murky waters as it has been determined that too much nitrogen is entering the international wildlife designations here, partly through human waste. The same issue has now been flagged in east Kent, where the internationally designated sites at Stodmarsh are being affected. Natural England has issued guidance to address this issue through the process known as Habitats Regulations Assessment, but as yet, strategic solutions are in short supply. Affected Councils are now asking for demonstration of nitrogen neutrality from applicants”.

At David Archer Associates we are able to undertake the nitrogen budget calculations for new proposals, which is some cases will demonstrate no need for mitigation. Where mitigation is needed we can supply advice on the options available, which may include both on-site and off-site possibilities. For many small and constrained development sites, mitigation can be difficult to achieve at present, but where land is available, there are possibilities.

If anyone is looking for advice or screening on a proposal, do get in touch at